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Making Homes Smarter and Lives Easier Since 1992.

Since its inception in 1992, RTI has established itself as a leader in the control and automation industry, winning awards for its hardware and software products. With an intuitive and powerful range of control and automation solutions, RTI elevates the smart home and smart business experience to new heights.

Jet Smart Home Solutions is the Austin area’s go-to provider for all your smart home automation needs. We provide exceptional customer service and technical expertise, ensuring you always get the best results. With Jet Smart Home Solutions, you can trust that we will make it our priority to help you design a home automation system that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Whether you’re managing lighting, climate control, video distribution in a sports bar, or syncing corporate boardrooms with huddle spaces throughout the office, we offer complete control anytime, anywhere. Access our system easily using Apple, Android, and Windows devices, no matter where you are.

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Jet Smart Home Solutions provide custom home automation solutions that make controlling your entertainment, lighting, and security easy with the perfect blend of design and technology. Our systems are tailored to meet each individual’s lifestyle and needs, making it easier to enjoy every aspect of their home at the touch of a button. We offer superior service and products so customers can experience a truly smart home.

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Jet Smart Home Solutions is a leader in home automation, providing customers with the best design and technology solutions. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to delivering unparalleled customer service, high-quality products, and reliable outcomes that exceed expectations. We place your satisfaction at the forefront, ensuring you get the most out of your home automation experience.

We strive to provide our customers with the ultimate digital lifestyle experience. Our innovative and thoughtfully designed technology solutions simplify complexities, integrate perfectly with your life, and enable you to access information, entertainment, and communication in just a few clicks. Let us help you get what you want, when you want it, wherever you need it — making your daily life easier.