Austin, Texas

Austin A/V & Home Theatre

Residential AV Services

At Jet Smart Home Solutions, we understand the importance of delivering the best audio-visual experience for your home. That’s why our designs focus on taking advantage of the most up-to-date music, video, and photo streaming services, such as Netflix, Pandora, and more. We provide systems ranging from basic living room stereos to fully automated whole-home audio and video systems. We make sure that each system is tailored to meet your needs and budget so you can take full advantage of today’s advanced entertainment offerings. With our server technology, you can easily store, organize and share your digital library with ease. Our team of experts is here to help you get the most out of your audio-visual set up so you can experience entertainment like never before.

Whole House Audio

Whole House Music is the ultimate in-home entertainment solution, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere in the house. Our smart home integration technology makes creating a multi-room audio experience tailored to each user’s unique preferences easy. From soothing background music, while you work in your office or while watching TV in your living room, we have you covered. Its intuitive controls make it easy to select and adjust audio levels across multiple rooms, so everyone can enjoy the perfect soundscape for their interests without disturbing others.

Ultimate Home Theater

We provide a comprehensive range of home theater systems to meet any of your entertainment needs. From the basic to the extravagant, our multi-channel surround sound and 4k, high-definition video technology ensure you get the best audio-visual experience. Whether you want to upgrade your existing television setup or design a brand new custom theater – Our consultants can plan out the perfect home Jet  Smart Home System. We also have a team of experts that can work with your architect, interior decorator, and general contractor to make it happen. With our professional guidance and quality installations, you can transform any room in your home into an immersive movie theatre. Get ready for the ultimate cinematic experience!

Enjoy a home theater experience tailored to your exact needs. Get the perfect setup for whatever film you want to watch—from dimmable lighting to automated projection and screen control—right at your fingertips. With Jet Smart Home Solutions, you can easily create an entertainment room or game room personalized to your taste, with remotes designed to work just how you like them. Let yourself be immersed in state-of-the-art theater technology in the comfort of your home!

Transform your home into the envy of the neighborhood. Our team can help you design, set up and maintain the most cutting-edge audio-visual and home automation technology for the ultimate smart living experience. Whether it’s for adding convenience, creating a personal entertainment hub, or simply making your home smarter, our solutions have you covered from start to finish. Let us turn your dream home into a reality.