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Commercial Automation Solutions

Smart Austin Offices by Jet Smart Home Solutions

Jet installs innovative control and automation system with a multitude of applications. From streamlining the operation of smart office conference rooms to integrating various aspects of business operations into single, unified systems, Jet Smart Home Solutions delivers intuitive controls with a user-friendly interface so users can quickly pick up the reins.

The range of these devices extends beyond traditional wall-mounted consoles and hand-held remotes; its capabilities extend to mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Built for reliable performance in demanding circumstances, Jet Smart Home Solutions remains the premier Smart Control contractor for Austin businesses needing advanced, cutting-edge control solutions in multiple industries. With Jet Smart Home Solutions’ intelligent and versatile solutions, it’s easy to unify any commercial operations into an efficient whole.

Our solutions enable more efficient team organization via features like advanced Wi-Fi, commercial audio and video, structured wiring, music distribution, paging systems, video matrix, and smart conference rooms that integrate seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet. These easy-to-use tools can streamline your daily operations and maximize efficiency across the board. Plus, they provide peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and accessible only when necessary. With Jet Smart Home Solutions, you can rest assured that every aspect of your office is handled with the highest security and reliability standards.

Smart Offices & Conference Rooms

Smart offices are rapidly becoming the norm in today’s modern workplace. Equipped with a myriad of technologies, these offices utilize digital systems to streamline everyday operations and maximize efficiency. From automated data entry and analytics tools to energy management systems and virtual collaboration suites, smart offices provide an integrated solution that can save time and money while increasing productivity and enhancing the workplace experience.

Smart Control Systems and Presentation Switchers

Smart Control Systems and Presentation Switchers provide reliable and convenient conferencing and collaboration solutions that simplify meetings and presentations. Our sophisticated touchpanels allow users to switch between multiple audio/video sources easily. Our powerful switchers ensure a seamless transition between input signals, including HDMI, Display Port, USB-C, VGA, digital, and analog audio. Furthermore, they automatically optimize the output resolution to match the display’s resolution to deliver optimal picture quality.

Our Presentation Switchers come with various features that can accommodate various needs. For instance, support for long-distance wiring up to 328ft (100m), allowing multiple sources and displays to be connected via HDBaseT technology. This also permits video conferencing capabilities, enabling the use of shared USB cameras, microphones, speakers, keyboards, and mice. The switchers are also equipped with KVM capability, which allows for remote control of host PCs and laptops through shared keyboards, mice, and touchscreens. Furthermore, control functionality is available for devices such as A/V components, lights, and shades.

With an RTI touch panel, classroom or meeting control is simplified so the host or teacher can focus on their agenda, not technology. For a perfect result in any environment, a single tap of the touch panel dims lights, turns on a projector, lowers screens and window shades, and sets the audio to the ideal level. Room-specific settings can be customized, or automated controls can be employed for effortless operation.

Sports Bars

Includes controlling, Multiple TVs in different zones, Music, Lighting, Power Management, Climate,
Shades. More Coming Soon…

Energy Efficient

We all know that energy efficiency is important, and automated office solutions can help make it happen. You can save time and money by controlling temperatures, lighting, and window treatments with a few taps on your phone or tablet. At Jet Smart Home Solutions, we specialize in creating custom smart office systems to lower overhead costs through efficient energy use. Our solutions allow you to manage lighting, thermostats, and window treatments easily. In the process, you’ll reduce energy expenditure and reap the rewards of significant cost savings. Put the power of automation in your office today and discover the benefits for yourself.