Austin, Texas

Residential Services

Single room

Create the perfect environment for any room in your house with our single-room setup. With lighting and temperature control, shading, audio and video integration, security monitoring, and more, you can control the atmosphere in any space.


Take your smart home system further by linking multiple rooms together. This way, you can manage all connected devices across several rooms from one central location. You won’t need to walk around to make adjustments either; use your smartphone or tablet to create the right atmosphere in different spaces simultaneously.

Whole Home

Get everything you need to create the perfect smart home experience with our Whole Home Package. We offer an extensive selection of products and services that will help you automate every aspect of your home, from controlling your heating and lighting to setting up a cinema room or monitoring your security system. Our experienced team will work with you to customize your installation and ensure that all your needs are met. Plus, outdoors we also provide pool automation, landscaping lighting and irrigation system control. With our Jet Smart Home Solutions you’ll have the ultimate smart home experience.