Austin, Texas


Are you looking to make your home life more comfortable, efficient and secure? Look no further than RTI’s specialized range of home automation devices. RTI provides a tailored selection of products that can be customized to match your exact requirements, giving you the best home automation experience available. With RTI’s solutions, you can enjoy greater control over your living space with minimum effort.

RTI provides a comprehensive selection of options that make it easy to control your home’s comfort, efficiency, and safety. With impressive Showcase examples on its website, you get access to insight into how RTI has outfitted many different types of homes for their owners’ exact needs. Get creative with what you want in a home automation system for your place after seeing the wealth of ideas from these examples.

RTI’s home automation systems ensure the smooth operation of your home from morning to night and even while you’re asleep. Whether you choose wired or wireless solutions, your home will be safe, energy-efficient, and full of entertainment. Plus, RTI is compatible with over 100 companies’ hardware, including surveillance cameras and home entertainment systems.

The user interface grants you total control of your home whether you are there or not. Keep your property secure, lower power use when you’re away, and get the lights and entertainment ready before you’ve even opened the door – all from one intuitive interface. Get the most out of your abode with RTI’s comprehensive home automation solutions.

RTI’s home automation solutions allow you to control your home’s environment with ease. From motion sensors and door locks to smoke detectors, security cameras and more, you can feel secure knowing that your space is protected with the latest in home security monitoring. Additionally, you can use RTI’s mobile app to customize and automate everything from temperature settings and window shades to lighting, movies, and music. Set your preferences and schedule functions to ensure ultimate comfort and convenience – creating a safe, comfortable, and entertaining living space for you and your family to enjoy.

For peace of mind, rest assured that all work is undertaken by certified Jet Smart Home Solutions professionals who have the training and expertise to create an integrated system that meets your specific needs. With their guidance, craft a system tailored to suit your lifestyle and reap the rewards of a well-configured automated home.